Anywhere But Here

A new, solo electronic keyboard album features Anne Rainwater performing the music of New York-based composer Jude Traxler. Released in July of 2020.

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The album Dharmaland will be released shortly, on June 11th, 2021. Resurrected from Ahbez’s unrecorded sheet music, c. 1961-63, the Swedish band Ìxtahuele has woven an enchanted tapestry of mystic exotica and experimental pop that re-establishes the songwriter as a forefather of psychedelic music and brings his work into the present. They are joined by a host of guest artists, including yours truly on two tracks. Please click HERE to purchase the album.

The Goldberg Variations

Anne recorded J.S. Bach’s Golderg Variations at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA. Released in December of 2018.

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