Photo credit: Amal Bisharat

Take a listen to cellist Lewis Patzner interview mezzo soprano Melinda Becker and myself (New Moon Duo) on his podcast, The Crossover Cellist. We discuss a few groups I play with, my Vernon Salon Series, and what Melinda and I are up to musically. Click HERE to listen!

Four Anachronisms by Bryce Cannell
Written for and premiered by Anne on April 5, 2018
at CNMAT in Berkeley, CA.

Thicket by Stuart Saunders Smith
Written for and premiered by Anne on November 24, 2013
at the Center for New Music in San Francisco, CA.

90+ by Elliot Carter
Performed on January 20, 2012
at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

wake by Danny Clay, inspired by the poetry of Roy Doughty
Performed on November 14, 2014
at the Center for New Music in San Francisco, CA.

wake, for singing pianist and cassette tape, was inspired by a six-part poem by Roy Doughty. The composer was drawn specifically towards the poet’s depiction of psychological states as geographic space. For the performer (who is both playing and singing) and listener alike, wake presents itself as the charting of a kind of inner geography.

nach-klang: dissolve (Etude)/palimpsest by Reiko Füting
Performed in April 2009
at the Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY

Link to movement 1 HERE
Link to movement 2 HERE
Linke to movement 3 HERE
Link to movement 4 HERE

Suite for Anne by Joseph Bloom
Performed April 2004
at Dominican University in San Rafael, CA
Written for and dedicated to Anne