Hello, and welcome to my website!

Anne Rainwater is a pianist and performing artist based in the Bay Area, California. Recognized for her “boldly assertive rhetoric” (San Francisco Examiner), she performs a wide variety of contemporary music and also specialize in the works of J.S. Bach. Anne is proud of her two solo albums: Bach’s Goldberg Variations, released in 2018 and available for purchase HERE, and a new electronic album called Anywhere But Here, which features the music of Jude Traxler and can be purchased by clicking HERE. She also curates a monthly recital series which brings local artists and enthustiastic audience members together in an intimate setting. Anne is currently crafting an evening-length performance art piece with mixed media artist Victoria Welling. Together, as raising lilith, they aim to explore and provoke people’s relationships to their bodies, boundaries, and gender roles and obligations. She is also working on her first book, which is a systems-level analysis of the internal and external ecosystems related to understanding, practicing, and performing music.

When not at the piano or collaborating with fellow artists, Anne can usually be found running long distances, reading, or watching baseball. She believes strongly in the importance of community and using art to help and heal the Earth, and as such, she supports Liberation in a Generation and the Milo Foundation through her involvement in Beyond Artists, a coalition of artists that donates a percentage of their concert fees to organizations they care deeply about. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss potential lessons, musical collaboration, or anything else.

My work at the piano explores hidden and overt moments of musical expression. I enjoy probing the boundaries of time, volume, speed and density as it reflects our frenetic 21st-century experiences and sensibilities. I am attracted to pieces that contain poetry, movement, electronics, vocalization, and extended pianistic techniques, and am especially excited to parse through dense sound textures and counterpoint in contemporary and Baroque works. From moments of outward energy to spacious introspection, I aim to bring listeners towards a deeper, collective understanding of a work’s cohesive structure and inherent ethos.

My new solo album, Anywhere But Here, featuring the music of Jude Traxler, is up on Bandcamp! Released in July of 2020.
My Goldberg Variations CD is now available! Please click on the button to make a purchase.