Reviews and write-ups


"There was an absolute stillness at the core of that hot emotion and intellectual rigor."
Roy Doughty
Poet and art critic
"Anne and Jude have taken immense liberties with [Drum Dances], but stayed true to its spirit. I love it. Musical works should keep evolving and have new life breathed into them. Well done both of you."
John Psathas
"What mattered most about last night’s reading by Séguillon and Rainwater was that neither was afraid to approach this music with boldly assertive rhetoric. This created an edge-of-your-seat suspense, even if the listener was already comfortably familiar with the fragmentary approach Beethoven took to unfold his thematic material."
Stephen Smoliar, San Francisco Examiner
Reviewing a performance on the Old First Series with Violinist Solenn Séguillon
Anne Rainwater played with such sympathetic musicianship it was difficult not to applaud at the end of her traversal of #6 in D Minor.
Michael Strickland
Reviewing a 2018 concert of 24x24 in San Francisco, CA (Book 2 of the 24 Bach Preludes and Fugues)